Have you ever wanted to grow your nails but weren’t able to because you had brittle, weak nails? Our nail expert Annie created the “Overlay” service which is the perfect solution to help you achieve the nail shape of your dreams!

Annie says that “the difference between an overlay and a full nail extension is primarily in its foundation. In a full extension, one would have their nails built or sculpted out by way of free forms. Making them longer, whatever length the client desires. For clients who want a more natural approach, overlay would be the way to go. There is no added length in an overlay, it is applied directly over your nail bed. Giving you the option of maintaining a shorter length if you so desire, or progressively growing out your length. The resin used for the overlay is non-toxic, breathable and is actually composed of the same materials as dental resin.”

The results are fantastic and are whole team here at Heartwood has never had such beautiful nails! Say goodbye to chipped nails and peeling off your gel polish. Overlay can keep your nails looking great and help them grow out if you want to have a longer length. Annie recommends to maintain your overlay every 2-4 weeks depending on how quickly your nails grow.

Annie is accepting new clients! You can book either online via http://www.heartwoodandco.com/onlinebooking-1/ or call 2503856277. See you soon