As winter sun flits into our all-white studio, warms the 19th century windowsills and the hearts we painted onto the plaster, our hearts, and the hearts of our ever lovely clients, melt and swell endlessly.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Even our most ardent dreams can’t compete with Heartwood & Co.’s really real achievements. Four years ago, Kerryn and her little lash room, created and connected beautiful moments to beautiful souls. Kerryn’s partnership with Jen, a forever friend, welcomed talented hair stylists to the Heartwood & Co. team. And Heartwood & Co. continues to flourish.

So it’s only natural, and incredibly wonderful, that we’ve outgrown our current studio.

 Photo by Berkley Vopnfjord

Photo by Berkley Vopnfjord

Please don’t worry.

After a stressful six month search, we stumbled upon, Hey Happy coffees in hand, the most perfect space. Our hearts fluttered.

On a Saturday morning we blindfolded the team, lead them around the corner, and upstairs. Here we announced our expansion and celebrated the reveal with champagne and tears. We couldn’t be more excited.

True to Heartwood & Co.’s aesthetic and vibe, our new studio is larger and brighter, features more charm and more character, spectacular downtown views and only one flight of stairs. On the corner of Johnson and Broad, the move's a half-second away.

We’re so thankful and delighted to have Jeff from Brenric Construction, a long time family friend, oversee the renos. Also a huge thanks to Kyla at Bidgood Co. for her help with spectacular layout blueprints. Designed entirely by Kerryn, Jen, and Megan, our new studio will be ultra-cool and airy, the ideal place to treat yourself and your loved ones.

Oh. And also, there will be actual treats. Like decadent, drool over, delicious treats. Megan, our newest co-owner and founder of the White Pineapple, will supply Heartwood & Co. with an array of her speciality cakes, desserts, and baked goods.

 Photo by Berkley Vopnfjord

Photo by Berkley Vopnfjord

Follow Heartwood & Co.’s next adventure on this blog. We’ll post construction updates, buying trip highlights, and all the trials and tribulations that arise with any truly heartfelt project.

So cheers.

Cheers to you. You perpetually inspire us.

And the Heartwood & Co. team appreciates every minute we share with you.

Written by Miriam Putters

 Photo by Berkley Vopnfjord 

Photo by Berkley Vopnfjord