Photographs by Berkley Vopnfjord Written By: Miriam Putters

This island, its nectarine sunsets and agate shores, induces summertime vibes even in rain storms.
We’re dreamers, but so is Spring, and this season’s all about effortless transitions, easier outfits, and fresh routines. It's time to ditch that waxed jacket and cruise around in a loose-knit sweater instead.

Spring’s ultra-smooth essence was the inspiration behind our recent photo-shoot. Keep reading to find out how the owners and creative visionaries, Kerryn and Jen, created this delicate look. But before we get into things, here’s another professional secret...

Did you know that Heartwood & Co.’s official, and incredible, cosmetic collection is cruelty-free, non-comedogenic, made in Canada, and will soon be available online, in addition to the boutique? Yeah, it’s a big deal.

So, let’s chat makeup. Spring’s makeup trends feature softer palettes with a powdered finish and a subtle glint. Bolder brows are a must. Bolder brows take dewy eyes and bright skin to the next level. Here’s what Kerryn had to say:

“I applied three shades of Face Hilites Cream: “Fantasy”, “Breathe”, and “Flirty”,  on her eyes, lips, and cheeks. The cream to powder texture is lightweight and never oily. If you apply the cream with a foundation brush the shimmer really pops on any high points. 

I chose our “Voyer” blush  for a light and even glide. Available in an array of fine and highly pigmented powders, our blushes are triple milled and smooth.

I used  ‘Blondie’, our Brow Fix Tint & Shaper, to tame and fill her natural brows.  It’s a water resistant, tinted gel formula, with little fibers that perks brow density and is super easy to apply.

I love our creamy lipsticks because they're packed with antioxidants, Vitamin E, and natural Vanilla extract. This shade is “Film Buff” and a favourite neutral.”

Now, let’s talk hair. Spring hair trends are just as gentle and minimal. We recommend lightening those ends with a little balayage or booking our newest colour service, the “Quick Add On: Sun Kissed Balayage”. In just a few extra minutes at the sink, this quick service provides a super subtle highlight.

If you didn’t already know, all the colour and hair products at Heartwood & Co. are designed by Australian stylist, Kevin Murphy. The Kevin.Murphy collection is the perfect companion to our talented team, we both want clients to leave with fantastic feeling, and looking, hair. His collection is Sulphate, Paraben, and cruelty free. Most of the ingredients are natural fruit antioxidants and extracts which weightlessly moisturizes and strengthens all hair types. Here’s what Jen had to say:



“I began by prepping the model’s hair with Hair.Resort Spray, a honey and citrus spray that can be used wet or dry, and volumizes “beachy” texture. Then I set some loose waves with a curling wand.

To tame the volume I pinned a few strands back and used Kevin Murphy Super.Goo for a pieced and slick finish. Super.Goo is a no flake, water soluble gel that features Green Tea, Bamboo, and Nettle extracts.

I finished with Session.Spray to hold and finally threw in a quick topsy tail up-do to change it up. This hair spray is a firm hold that contains wheat proteins and natural fragrance oils. It’s also a UV shield for colour protection.”

Love this look? Well check back on the blog for a proper D.I.Y. guide to achieve this hairstyle at home.

In case you’re wondering, yes, all the hair and makeup products mentioned in this post are currently available at Heartwood & Co. and are totally worth it.

Book a Makeup Analysis or a Hair Consultation if you think this Spring’s the right time to try something new. We do.