EyeLash Extension Course Victoria BC

An intimate, intensive, 'Classic Lash' certificate program taught by a master eyelash extension technician downtown Victoria, BC. Start your career as an eyelash extension technician here. 



Learn how to apply 'Classic Eyelash Extensions' with our intimate eyelash extension training and certification course. Receive high quality training with Heartwood & Co.'s Senior Lash Technician, This two day eyelash extension training course is very thorough. We cover areas from techniques to self promotion and customer satisfaction.

Each course intake is reserved for a maximum of four students only, we want to ensure that each student has our full attention and is able to get as much out of the two day training as possible. The classic Eyelash Extension Course is open to all types of students with all types of learning styles. With the winning combination of lecture-based theory, hands-on practice, and training with live models, students will have ample opportunity to grasp the physical techniques as well as a thorough understanding of all industry concepts. 



What is covered over the two days.

  • Set Up / Safety / Sanitation

  • Common Irritations

  • Common Infections

  • Taping

  • Gel Pad Lay Downs

  • Taping The Lid

  • The Eyelash Growth Cycle

  • How To Hold Your Tweezers

  • Isolation

  • Product Knowledge

  • Adhesive Ingredients

  • Caring For Your Adhesive

  • Allergies Vs Irritations

  • Applying Extensions

  • Correcting Lashes


  • Removing Extensions

  • Aftercare & Cleansing Lashes

  • Extension Types

  • Curls / Lengths / Diameters

  • Client Consultation / Consent Forms 

  • Eye Shapes/Lash Styles

  • Lash Mapping

  • Technique & Advanced Tips

  • Fill Technique

  • Troubleshooting

  • Marketing Your Business

  • Important Steps To Getting Started

  • Charging For Your Services

  • Sample Cancellation Policy




In-depth Manual Workbook

Professional Kit

Mannequin Practice

 Live Model Practice

Marketing Material

Application Feedback & Reviews

Lash Exam

Certificate (Upon Graduation)

Ongoing Support

Refreshments and Gourmet Lunches


COURSE PRICE $1400.00 (+tax) 
The price includes the following:

  • A Heartwood & Co - eyelash extension kit with everything you need to begin working on clients after the course is completed:

  • Synthetic Mink Eyelash Extensions - 8mm - 12mm

  • Eyelash Extension Tweezers - Straight & Curved

  • Heartwood & Co. Eyelash Extension Glue

  • Eyelash Extension Remover

  • Sanitizer Tray

  • Tool Sanitizer

  • Dappen Dish

  • Eye Makeup Remover/Primer Liquid

  • Medical Tape

  • Scotch Tape

  • A Lash Fan

  • Gloves

  • Face Masks

  • Crystal Glue & Lash Tray

  • 10 Gel Pads

  • Mascara Wands

  • CleaningWands

  • Microfibre Brushes

  • Lash Shampoo


  • Class runs from 9:00am - 4:00pm both days.



  • A life time of on going support after your training. Kerryn/Kirsten will be available to answer any questions or concerns/lend advice regarding you lash applications, client situations and business.

  • *To reserve your seat a 50% non refundable deposit is required*

  • Seats are secured on a first come first serve basis.

  • A student must give at least 7 days notice for any rescheduling, deposits will roll over to secure another date.
    (Re-schedule fee: $100.00)

  • We accept credit cards, cash, or debit.
    (No Cheque)

  • By paying a non-refundable deposit, students agree to the terms and conditions listed

  • If you are under the age of 18 a parent/guardian will have to sign for your attendance.

  • If only one student is enrolled in a course, there will be a possible intake roll over to the following course date. A 10% account credit will be given to the student if this is necessary.



Our students are required to complete four full set applications on their own time over two - four weeks following the two day course. Once all of the submissions have been reviewed and feedback sent by the teachers, the student will then have to return for a full set eyelash extension exam. This ensures that each student is fully prepared and confident once they receive their certificate. If the exam is passed an eyelash extension training course completion certificate is granted. IF the exam is failed, the student will have more time to complete some more practice models and then the exam application will be re done. The exam can be taken as many times as needed to complete the course and receive a certificate. 



E - MAIL:  lashacademy@heartwoodandco.com


CALL 250.385.6277  to BOOK your seat. 

(Classes of 4)



May 4th & 5th (FULL)

June 8th & 9th (FULL)

JUly 6th & 7th (2 seats)

August 10th & 11th (2 seats)

September 7th & 8th (3 seats)


To contact a representative from our Heartwood Lash Academy, please fill out the form below and we will get back to you within 48 hours. Thank you for your interest.

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